Agriculture & Farming

California farms produce over $36 billion in annual revenues. This Agricultural and Farming environment necessitates the assistance of attorneys with specialized knowledge and expertise. Clifford & Brown possesses a unique combination of experience and practical knowledge in agricultural business transactions and litigation matters. The firm provides the advice essential to keep its clients at the forefront of this evolving industry.

Providing assistance in the formation of business entities, strategic employment administration, business growth strategies and litigation services, Clifford & Brown’s Agriculture & Farming attorneys provide insight and adaptive solutions in areas such as:


  • Business management
  • Contract formation
  • Leases and sub-leases
  • Water rights
  • Intellectual property protection
  • Crop damage assessments
  • Debt recovery
  • Entity formation and dissolution
  • Land acquisition
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Asset management
  • Environmental responsibility
  • Litigation
  • Labor and employment consulting


Clifford & Brown has the breadth of experience necessary to provide meaningful guidance and strategies for agribusiness formation, growth and successful operation. Please visit our Attorneys’ biographies to learn more about the skills and experience each is ready to offer you or your business, or feel free to contact us to discuss how Clifford & Brown can meet your personal or business needs.